The Texas Land Trust Council (TLTC) engages in a variety of programmatic efforts that benefit the land conservation community in Texas. And land and water conservation are essential to a healthy Texas. The protection and enhancement of water resources and the preservation of our natural heritage are of the utmost importance to our economy and our quality of life.

The drought of 2010-2015 was the second worst in the history of our state, and scientists have warned us that frequent droughts may become a permanent part of our lives. Nothing is more important for our lives—and livelihoods—than having clean water to drink.  Yet, drought isn't the only issue we face when it comes to our water. Texans also know that severe floods can quickly destroy homes and businesses, devastating families and disrupting lives.

Living with water shortages or damaging floods brings to light how connected we all are to the natural world around us. Our health suffers without clean water and fresh air. Our families suffer without safe places to spend time together outdoors. Our economies suffer when Texas' quintessential birds, fish and wildlife disappear.

Living in Texas wouldn't be the same without wild places and iconic habitats to explore, and clean, safe water to fuel that exploration.

Conserving land is one way to ensure that Texas can continue to handle any situation that life—or Mother Nature—throws at us in the future. For example:

• Protecting sensitive wetlands and the lands surrounding lakes, rivers and streams from development protects floodplains and keeps polluted runoff out of drinking water;
• Preventing more land from being covered in concrete ensures that more of the precious little water that falls has the ability to soak into the ground and our aquifers, replenishing our water supply and reducing the chance of serious flooding. ;
• Preserving important farm and ranch lands that provide our food; and
• Conserving land protects habitat for iconic Texas wildlife.

Thankfully, there are charitable organizations devoted solely to conserving land. Land trusts work with land owners throughout the state to conserve Texas' special lands and waters. By protecting these lands, land trusts help ensure that every Texan has: access to clean water, the freedom and peace granted by natural areas and the opportunity to be physically connected to our natural and cultural heritage.

The Texas Land Trust Council focuses on sustaining a level of excellence among Texas land trusts by providing technical resources like our Conservation Easement Guidebook and Texas Conservation Lands Inventory database, as well as first-rate training opportunities via our LandTerns program and annual Texas Land Conservation Conference. To date Texas’ land trusts have protected over 1.5 million acres of farms, ranches, wetlands, urban gardens, forests, watersheds, coastlines and river corridors. TLTC is proud to support this effort.

TLTC also provides resources for private landowners who are interested in protecting their land. These include our free, online Land Trust Directory, which lists all TLTC member land trusts by county.  Landowners can search for land trusts working in their area of the state. Our Conservation Easement Guidebook, also available online, provides landowners with useful information about conservation easements particular to the state of Texas, contains a list of commonly-asked questions, and profiles landowners around the state who have used conservation easements to protect their land.

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